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Levi Senft

Portfolio and Samples

And Justice for All 2019

Website Launch

Utilizing WordPress AJFA's staff was able to complete 90% of their website. I helped them get the last 10% done, which consisted of WordPress theme customizations, integrations, deployment and post release support.

Site: https://andjusticeforall.org/

Density Altitude Calculator 2018

Demo and Code Sample

DA Calc is a demo app created for a client. It was developed in a night or two. In October of 2019 I updated some of the build dependencies.

The app pulls your location, then gets a local weather report. With that data it calculates "Density Altitude." Air density calculations are used by engine dyno testers to adjust results, which are affected by atmospheric conditions.

Demo: https://lsenft.github.io/da-calc

Code Repo: https://github.com/lsenft/da-calc